New Year, New You! Resolutions Anyone?

It’s finally 2021! I know most of us are glad for 2020 to end as it was one of the most unpredictable years we’ve ever encountered. As is the case for around this time, most people are planning or have already planned their New Years Resolution for 2021. One of the most common resolutions that most people try and commit to is to exercise more. I’ve made this resolution several times in the past and almost always crashed and burned by the second month or so! If you’re one of many who’ve done that before, don’t feel bad. According to a study, only 46% of people who made New Years resolutions were successful. There are a few ways to make your resolution stick so that you’ll be successful:

  • Set Reasonable Goals
    • Set a goal that you can actually reach. Unreasonable goals will make it less likely that you will stick to them. For example, instead of setting a goal of being skinny, set a goal to help you go down to a healthy weight
  • Focus on One Resolution at a time
    • If you have a long list of resolutions, focus on one thing at a time! Trying to do too many resolutions at the same time will cause unneeded stress and it’ll discourage you from accomplishing anything
  • Be Specific
    • Don’t make your goals too broad. Make your goals SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achieveable, Realistic, and Time-bound). In other words, articulate your goals clearly; quantify your goals if possible (i.e. I will loose 10 pounds); make your goals challenging, but reasonable; and give yourself a time-frame to accomplish this goal
  • Break down Resolutions into Smaller Steps
    • Breaking down your resolutions into smaller steps makes it more manageable. Sub steps keep you more organized & help to realize the ultimate goal. Putting time frames on each sub step will motivate you even more to get them done.
  • Track Your Progress
    • Make sure to follow up either on a daily or weekly basis on the progress you make on your resolutions. Keep your goals written down either on paper or on an app on your phone and set reminders to follow up. My goals are stored in my notebook in Microsoft OneNote in the form of a checklist and I have reminders set up to check my goals on a weekly basis.
  • Celebrate Small Wins
    • Whenever you make a progress, whether small or big, celebrate! Celebrating your progress gives you a boost of confidence to keep going with your goals
  • Share your resolutions with your family and friends
    • Telling others about your resolutions creates supporters in your corner! You’ll have people to cheer you on and encourage you to keep going if you fall off track. One step further, you can enlist maybe one or two relatives or friends to be accountability partners to keep you onboard with your goals.
  • If you Encounter a Setback, get back on track and keep going!
    • We all make mistakes and change is never an easy task. It’s important to prepare for the bad days and, more importantly, to keep going in spite of it. Too many people encounter setbacks in their resolutions and give up entirely. Analyze why that setback happened, own it and make a note of it to avoid it occurring again in the future. Don’t get defeated!

Whatever your resolutions may be, from exercising more to eating healthier, if you follow the steps above you’ll be successful in accomplishing your goals this year! What are your resolutions? Comment below!

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I'm the owner of Fitique World, an online fitness boutique for accessories and apparel. We strive to provide quality fitness products at affordable prices!

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